Who We Are

Our Roots

Second Reformed Church was organized on January 11th, 1916.  Our Church has 108 years of history, guided by the founding impulse to be a church that is faithful to the Word of God and accessible to the community. Over the years, the church has come to be known in the community for its ministry to children and youth.
Second Reformed Church was recently renamed CrossView Church. We are a member of the Alliance of Reformed Churches (ARC). 

Denominational Affiliation

CrossView Church is a member of the Alliance of Reformed Churches. The Alliance is a fairly new network of reformed churches grounded in the historic Christian faith and exists to resource the local church. While it is rooted in the truth that never changes, the Alliance is committed to innovation as the unchanging gospel intersects with a changing world.

There are three priorities within the Alliance:
1) To make disciples who make disciples;
2) To equip leaders for service;
3) To multiply ministries for the sake of the Kingdom of God.